By analyzing the real estate condition, we detect the risks and opportunities resulting from the real estate operation.

The benefit of the analysis is the assessment of the optimum setup of records, suitable database, and the setup of efficient FM processes along with their checking and control. 

With regard to the database, the analysis is dedicated to contractual relations with the providers of FM services (in particular, in the fields of: energy, technical maintenance, overhauls, cleaning, and safety), assessment of whether the services are executed in compliance with the contractual obligation, at least in the fulfilment rate detail (reality x contract), mechanisms for checking the fulfilment (real) quality, and tools influencing the total price in relation to the achieved fulfilment quality and their practical utilization. In addition, we assess the compliance of the scope and timely execution of the services with regard to current legislative demands (checks, overhauls, inspections, etc.). 

The analysis contains the proposed method with recommendations of selected risks to be removed and solutions for reporting automation. Last but not least, we analyze the management method of the services provided, assess the scope of staffing of the building management with regard to the scope of services on the part of the service providers, summarize the shortcomings, and propose corrective (optimization) measures. We define basic drawbacks in case of the replacement of the FM services provider. Moreover, we assess the complex risks of the existing property management system and identify potential savings.


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