The FMB project provides its users with a detailed view of their operating costs, the utilization of the space or rolling stock management, and, in particular, their internal comparison with other comparable real estate.
The FMB projects aims to point out to potential savings in the building management with a focus on the area of administrative and commercial spaces as well as the rolling stock management for passenger cars, thereby creating room for improvement.

The subject of the comparison is more than two hundred indexes in the costs for energy, maintenance, cleaning, safety, lease, and more. In addition, we keep a multi-annual history at our disposal; the comparison can also be acquired in the context of trends in the individual indexes. There is also a managerial summary identifying potential savings in annual costs against a single selected client (Best Practice) who most resembles the project participant with regard to the building structure, standard of services, scope, and focus of the portfolio. We emphasize data safety, so the entire project is conceived as a closed one. The participants know each other; their data, however, is mutually anonymized to hinder the identification of “who is who.”

The elaboration of the FMB study starts with data collection for our online application at the client’s site. Then, the data is verified and cross-checked. We consult the client and verify the accuracy of the data; upon approving the values, the FMB study is generated and presented to the management and working team.


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